Thursday, May 30, 2013

Uniform Tips and Tricks

Hey Adara!

I am interested in becoming a Kilt Girl and I stumbled upon your blog. 

I was just wondering if you could give me a little insider information on how to look "hot" in the uniform, specifically for the interview. For instance, is it possible to wear a push-up bra underneath the plaid top? Is the top padded? Does it come in different cup sizes or just Small, Medium, Large?

Also, is there a certain look that the hiring managers go for? I know Hooters looks for All American girls and they prefer hair and makeup to be more natural looking.

How's the job going so far? Is it as fun as it seems?

Thanks so much!!!
Hey Ladies (and maybe guys read this blog too sometimes? Hey guys!),
I got an email today that reminded me of a post I should've done when I first started this blog! With the importance of appearance in the TK world, looking great in your uniform is a must. Most girls look good in the uniform no matter what, but there are a few "insider" tricks we used when I worked there. If you are a man and stumbled onto this blog, you may want to stop reading right about now, because the illusion of a perfect Tilted Girl is about to be shattered.
Now, let's get down to business. Starting from the top, this is the daily routine I kept for making necessary "adjustments" to the uniform/myself.
Tip #1- Hair. There is no such thing as too much hairspray. This is not the time to be concerned about that cute guy you've had your eye on being able to run his fingers through your hair. This is the time to be concerned about your hair looking good while working a dinner rush until 2am. This is the time to be concerned about how your hair will look after running back and forth for the fiftieth time from the outdoor (humid) patio, to the steamy kitchen, to the super air conditioned lobby. This is the time to be concerned about flyaways and frizz because you are literally going from running trays to tables, to actually sitting down next to a guest. Your hair needs to stay in place. 'Nuff said.
Tip #2- Boobs. 90% of the girls that work there (the ones who have real boobs) stuff their bra. The TK uniform is a plaid bra and a white cut-off tied top. Most girls that have less than a C cup wear a push-up bra under the plaid TK bra. Not only that, but they also stuff their own bra with socks. Athletic ankle socks work best. Roll them up like a taquito. Lift boob. Place where push-up pad is. Adjust cleavage. Et voila. Boobies. Just remember you should not be able to see the second bra through the shirt, including straps.
Tip #3- Skirt. This has less to do with appearance and more with not showing the goods every time you bend over. The skirts are short. I repeat, short. As in, so short you can't wear boyshort panties underneath them because the can be seen. Some girls wear thongs underneath the skirts. This is a terrible idea. Please don't forget in addition to being an entertainer, you are also serving food as a main part of your job. Dropping silverware, napkins, etc. happens. And as hot as you think you are, no one wants a side of ass with their dinner. Well, some people do. But still. Don't be that girl. Invest in a few pairs of nude colored bikini style panties. You will not regret it.
As far as the second part of the email goes, hiring managers at TK are not looking for the same thing that Hooters looks for. At my TK there were a lot of "alternative" looking girls. TK is a lot more relaxed about having tattoos, short hair, etc. Bottom line is, as long as you have a great personality and present yourself well, you are what Tilted Kilt is looking for. Also remember that most (if not all) TKs are franchises, which means that, while they follow a lot of basic guidelines from the company, they are independently owned and operated. It's really up to the owner and what kind of "look" he wants to promote at his restaurant.